AppEvents_Event AppEvents_Event AppEvents_Event Interface


Events interface for Microsoft Excel Application object events.

public interface class AppEvents_Event
public interface AppEvents_Event
Public Interface AppEvents_Event


AfterCalculate AfterCalculate AfterCalculate

The AfterCalculate event occurs when all pending refresh activity (both synchronous and asynchronous) and all of the resultant calculation activities have been completed.

NewWorkbook NewWorkbook NewWorkbook

Occurs when a new workbook is created.

ProtectedViewWindowActivate ProtectedViewWindowActivate ProtectedViewWindowActivate

Occurs when a Protected View window is activated.

ProtectedViewWindowBeforeClose ProtectedViewWindowBeforeClose ProtectedViewWindowBeforeClose

Occurs immediately before a Protected View window or a workbook in a Protected View window closes.

ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit

Occurs immediately before editing is enabled on the workbook in the specified Protected View window.

ProtectedViewWindowDeactivate ProtectedViewWindowDeactivate ProtectedViewWindowDeactivate

Occurs when a Protected View window is deactivated.

ProtectedViewWindowOpen ProtectedViewWindowOpen ProtectedViewWindowOpen

Occurs when a workbook is opened in a Protected View window.

ProtectedViewWindowResize ProtectedViewWindowResize ProtectedViewWindowResize

Occurs when any Protected View window is resized.

SheetActivate SheetActivate SheetActivate

Occurs when any sheet is activated.

SheetBeforeDelete SheetBeforeDelete SheetBeforeDelete
SheetBeforeDoubleClick SheetBeforeDoubleClick SheetBeforeDoubleClick

Occurs when any worksheet is double-clicked, before the default double-click action.

SheetBeforeRightClick SheetBeforeRightClick SheetBeforeRightClick

Occurs when any worksheet is right-clicked, before the default right-click action.

SheetCalculate SheetCalculate SheetCalculate

Occurs after any worksheet is recalculated or after any changed data is plotted on a chart.

SheetChange SheetChange SheetChange

Occurs when cells in any worksheet are changed by the user or by an external link.

SheetDeactivate SheetDeactivate SheetDeactivate

Occurs when any sheet is deactivated.

SheetFollowHyperlink SheetFollowHyperlink SheetFollowHyperlink

Occurs when you click any hyperlink in Microsoft Excel.

SheetLensGalleryRenderComplete SheetLensGalleryRenderComplete SheetLensGalleryRenderComplete

Occurs after a callout gallery’s icons (dynamic and static) have finished rendering.

SheetPivotTableAfterValueChange SheetPivotTableAfterValueChange SheetPivotTableAfterValueChange

Occurs after a cell or range of cells inside a PivotTable are edited or recalculated (for cells that contain formulas).

SheetPivotTableBeforeAllocateChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeAllocateChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeAllocateChanges

Occurs before changes are applied to a PivotTable.

SheetPivotTableBeforeCommitChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeCommitChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeCommitChanges

Occurs before changes are committed against the OLAP data source for a PivotTable.

SheetPivotTableBeforeDiscardChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeDiscardChanges SheetPivotTableBeforeDiscardChanges

Occurs before changes to a PivotTable are discarded.

SheetPivotTableUpdate SheetPivotTableUpdate SheetPivotTableUpdate

Occurs after the sheet of the PivotTable report has been updated.

SheetSelectionChange SheetSelectionChange SheetSelectionChange

Occurs when the selection changes on any worksheet (doesn't occur if the selection is on a chart sheet).

SheetTableUpdate SheetTableUpdate SheetTableUpdate

Occurs when a table on a worksheet is updated.

WindowActivate WindowActivate WindowActivate

Occurs when any workbook window is activated.

WindowDeactivate WindowDeactivate WindowDeactivate

Occurs when any workbook window is deactivated.

WindowResize WindowResize WindowResize

Occurs when any workbook window is resized.

WorkbookActivate WorkbookActivate WorkbookActivate

Occurs when any workbook is activated.

WorkbookAddinInstall WorkbookAddinInstall WorkbookAddinInstall

Occurs when a workbook is installed as an add-in.

WorkbookAddinUninstall WorkbookAddinUninstall WorkbookAddinUninstall

Occurs when any add-in workbook is uninstalled.

WorkbookAfterSave WorkbookAfterSave WorkbookAfterSave

Occurs after the workbook is saved.

WorkbookAfterXmlExport WorkbookAfterXmlExport WorkbookAfterXmlExport

Occurs after Microsoft Excel saves or exports data from any open workbook to an XML data file.

WorkbookAfterXmlImport WorkbookAfterXmlImport WorkbookAfterXmlImport

Occurs after an existing XML data connection is refreshed or new XML data is imported into any open Microsoft Excel workbook.

WorkbookBeforeClose WorkbookBeforeClose WorkbookBeforeClose

Occurs immediately before any open workbook closes.

WorkbookBeforePrint WorkbookBeforePrint WorkbookBeforePrint

Occurs before any open workbook is printed.

WorkbookBeforeSave WorkbookBeforeSave WorkbookBeforeSave

Occurs before any open workbook is saved.

WorkbookBeforeXmlExport WorkbookBeforeXmlExport WorkbookBeforeXmlExport

Occurs before Microsoft Excel saves or exports data from any open workbook to an XML data file.

WorkbookBeforeXmlImport WorkbookBeforeXmlImport WorkbookBeforeXmlImport

Occurs before an existing XML data connection is refreshed or new XML data is imported into any open Microsoft Excel workbook.

WorkbookDeactivate WorkbookDeactivate WorkbookDeactivate

Occurs when any open workbook is deactivated.

WorkbookModelChange WorkbookModelChange WorkbookModelChange

Occurs when the data model is updated.

WorkbookNewChart WorkbookNewChart WorkbookNewChart

Occurs when a new chart is created in any open workbook.

WorkbookNewSheet WorkbookNewSheet WorkbookNewSheet

Occurs when a new sheet is created in any open workbook.

WorkbookOpen WorkbookOpen WorkbookOpen

Occurs when a workbook is opened.

WorkbookPivotTableCloseConnection WorkbookPivotTableCloseConnection WorkbookPivotTableCloseConnection

Occurs after a PivotTable report connection has been closed.

WorkbookPivotTableOpenConnection WorkbookPivotTableOpenConnection WorkbookPivotTableOpenConnection

Occurs after a PivotTablereport connection has been opened.

WorkbookRowsetComplete WorkbookRowsetComplete WorkbookRowsetComplete

The WorkbookRowsetCompleteevent occurs when the user either drills through the recordset or invokes the rowset action on an OLAP PivotTable.

WorkbookSync WorkbookSync WorkbookSync

Occurs when the local copy of a workbook that is part of a Document Workspace is synchronized with the copy on the server.

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