Azure Stream Analytics libraries for .NET


Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed event-processing engine that lets you set up real-time analytic computations on streaming data. The data can come from devices, sensors, web sites, social media feeds, applications, infrastructure systems, and more.

To learn more about Azure Stream Analytics, see Get started with Azure Stream Analytics Real-time fraud detection.

Management library

Use the Azure Stream Analytics management library to create, start, and stop Azure Stream Analytics jobs.

Install the NuGet package directly from the Visual Studio Package Manager console or with the .NET Core CLI.

Visual Studio Package Manager

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.StreamAnalytics
dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.Management.StreamAnalytics

Code Example

This example instantiates a Stream Analytics client and creates a streaming job.

/* Include these 'using' directives:
using Microsoft.Azure.Management.StreamAnalytics;
SynchronizationContext.SetSynchronizationContext(new SynchronizationContext());

// Get credentials
ServiceClientCredentials credentials = GetCredentials().Result;

// Create Stream Analytics management client
StreamAnalyticsManagementClient streamAnalyticsManagementClient = new StreamAnalyticsManagementClient(credentials)
    SubscriptionId = subscriptionId

// Create a streaming job
StreamingJob streamingJob = new StreamingJob()
    Tags = new Dictionary<string, string>()
        { "Origin", ".NET SDK" },
        { "ReasonCreated", "Getting started tutorial" }
    Location = "West US",
    EventsOutOfOrderPolicy = EventsOutOfOrderPolicy.Drop,
    EventsOutOfOrderMaxDelayInSeconds = 5,
    EventsLateArrivalMaxDelayInSeconds = 16,
    OutputErrorPolicy = OutputErrorPolicy.Drop,
    DataLocale = "en-US",
    CompatibilityLevel = CompatibilityLevel.OneFullStopZero,
    Sku = new Sku()
        Name = SkuName.Standard
StreamingJob createStreamingJobResult = streamAnalyticsManagementClient.StreamingJobs.CreateOrReplace(streamingJob, resourceGroupName, streamingJobName);


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