ContextType ContextType ContextType ContextType Enum


Gibt den Typ des Speichers an, zu dem der Prinzipal gehört.Specifies the type of store to which the principal belongs.

public enum class ContextType
public enum ContextType
type ContextType = 
Public Enum ContextType


ApplicationDirectory ApplicationDirectory ApplicationDirectory ApplicationDirectory 2

Der Anwendungsverzeichnisspeicher.The application directory store. Dieser stellt den AD LDS-Speicher dar.This represents the AD LDS store.

Domain Domain Domain Domain 1

Der Domänenspeicher.The domain store. Dieser stellt den AD DS-Speicher dar.This represents the AD DS store.

Machine Machine Machine Machine 0

Der Computerspeicher.The computer store. Dieser stellt den SAM-Speicher dar.This represents the SAM store.

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