VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents Interface


Provides access to events that are raised by adding, deleting, or changing project web references.

public interface class VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents : VSLangProj80::_dispVSLangProjWebReferencesEvents_Event, VSLangProj80::_VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents
public interface VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents : VSLangProj80._dispVSLangProjWebReferencesEvents_Event, VSLangProj80._VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents
type VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents = interface
    interface _VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents
    interface _dispVSLangProjWebReferencesEvents_Event
Public Interface VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents
Implements _dispVSLangProjWebReferencesEvents_Event, _VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents


This example connects event-handling methods for a specific project by using the VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents property. For more information on how to run macro samples, see How to: Compile and Run the Automation Object Model Code Examples.

Open a Visual Basic or Visual C# project before running this macro.

' Macro code.  
' Connects trivial methods to the OnAfterWebReferenceAdded,  
' OnBeforeWebReferenceRemoved and OnWebReferenceChanged  
' events of the first project in the solution.  
' The first project is a Visual Basic or C# project.  
Imports VSLangProj  
Imports VSLangProj80  
Sub ConnectWebEvents()  
    Dim proj As Project = DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1)  
    Dim vsproj As VSProject2 = CType(proj.Object, VSProject2)  
    Dim refEvents As VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents =_  
    AddHandler refEvents.OnAfterWebReferenceAdded,_  
    AddressOf WebReferenceAdded  
    AddHandler refEvents.OnBeforeWebReferenceRemoved,_  
    AddressOf WebReferenceRemoved  
    AddHandler refEvents.OnWebReferenceChanged,_  
    AddressOf WebReferenceChanged  
End Sub  
Sub WebReferenceRemoved(ByVal removedRef As Object)  
    MsgBox("The reference for " & removedRef.Name & " was removed.")  
End Sub  
Sub WebReferenceChanged(ByVal changedRef As Object)  
    MsgBox("The reference for " & changedRef.Name & " was changed.")  
End Sub  
Sub WebReferenceAdded(ByVal addedRef As Object)  
    MsgBox("The reference for " & addedRef.Name & " was added.")  
End Sub  


The VSLangProjWebReferencesEvents object may be accessed from either the VSProjectEvents2 object or the DTE object.

This object has the following events:

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