Using a Custom Binding with the Discovery Client Channel

When using a custom binding with the DiscoveryClientBindingElement, you must define a DiscoveryEndpointProvider that creates DiscoveryEndpoint instances.

Creating a DiscoveryEndpointProvider

The DiscoveryEndpointProvider is responsible for creating DiscoveryEndpoint instances on demand. To define a discovery endpoint provider, derive a class from DiscoveryEndpointProvider and override the GetDiscoveryEndpoint method and return a new discovery endpoint. The following example shows how to create a discovery endpoint provider.

// Extend DiscoveryEndpointProvider class to change the default DiscoveryEndpoint  
// to the DiscoveryClientBindingElement. The Discovery ClientChannel   
// uses this endpoint to send Probe message.  
public class UdpDiscoveryEndpointProvider : DiscoveryEndpointProvider  
   public override DiscoveryEndpoint GetDiscoveryEndpoint()  
      return new UdpDiscoveryEndpoint(DiscoveryVersion.WSDiscoveryApril2005);  

Once you have defined the discovery endpoint provider you can create a custom binding and add the DiscoveryClientBindingElement, which references the discovery endpoint provider as shown in the following example.

DiscoveryClientBindingElement discoveryBindingElement = new DiscoveryClientBindingElement();  

// Provide the search criteria and the endpoint over which the probe is sent.  
discoveryBindingElement.FindCriteria = new FindCriteria(typeof(ICalculatorService));  
discoveryBindingElement.DiscoveryEndpointProvider = new UdpDiscoveryEndpointProvider();  

CustomBinding customBinding = new CustomBinding(new NetTcpBinding());  
// Insert DiscoveryClientBindingElement at the top of the BindingElement stack.  
// An exception is thrown if this binding element is not at the top.  
customBinding.Elements.Insert(0, discoveryBindingElement);  

For more information about using the discovery client channel, see Using the Discovery Client Channel. For a complete code example, see Discovery Binding Element Sample

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