Qualification and Onboarding of Partners to the Embed App Program

If you as a software development partner are interested in developing an app that meets the description of Embed App in Embed App Overview, your app must meet qualification requirements. The main criteria for Embed App onboarding at this point are:

  • Partner must provide all day, every day support. Their customers do not get to call Microsoft support. They always call the partner.
  • Partner must live up to the standards for user assistance and documentation that are outlined in Dynamics 365 Business Central User Assistance Model. Good user assistance is part of Embed App success and uptake, and it also lowers the work load on their support center.
  • Partner is committed to stay on the supported platform.
  • Partner provides an SLA for requests from Microsoft towards the partner
  • Partners must have a support agreement with Microsoft

Apps with a code-customized base application will have additional volume (number of users) requirements associated with it.

When an Embed App is qualified for onboarding to Business Central online, the partner must provide the following information about the Embed App to the Microsoft’s onboarding team:

  • The name of the application to be used for the client and web service URL. For example, an ISV for the fabrikamapples app would provide the following information:

    • Client: https://fabrikamapples.bc.dynamics.com
    • Web Services: https://fabrikamapples.api.bc.dynamics.com
  • Entitlements for their application objects, per license type. For more information, see Licensing in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The rest of the information will be included with the Embed App package that the partner deploys through LifeCycle Services.

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