Resources for Help and Support for Dynamics 365 Business Central

As a Business Central partner, you have access to resources that can help you support your Business Central customers, and you have access to resources that can help you be more productive as a partner.

This page outlines the resources available to you.

Product Help

The functionality in the default version of Business Central is described on the site as described in the following table.

Name Location Description
Business functionality docs /dynamics365/business-central Use this library to learn about business functionality.
Development and administration docs /dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/ Use this content to learn how to extend, customize, and administrate Business Central.

Customize and extend the user assistance

When a prospect signs up for a trial of Business Central online, or before they buy Business Central on-premises, they have access to tooltips that can help them get unblocked, and context-sensitive links to learn more according to the Business Central user assistance model. If you customize or extend Business Central, you are expected to also customize the user assistance so that users will have access to content that can help them get started, get unblocked, and learn more. For more information, see User Assistance Model and Configure the Help Experience.

Product versions and Help versions

In general, the Business Central content on the site reflects the latest version of Business Central online with limited support for earlier versions.

If you support Business Central on-premises, your solution might be one or two versions older than the latest version. This means that the content in the business functionality docs might describe functionality that your users do not have access to. For a better experience, we recommend that you take a copy of our content at the time when that reflected the version that your on-premises solution is based on and deploy that to your own website. For more information, see the On-premises deployments section in the Configure the Help Experience article.


As a Business Central reselling partner, you are an administrator of your customers' Business Central tenants, and you are the first line of support. You can customize the support experience, and you have access to information that can help you troubleshoot any issues that your customers report.

For more information, see Technical Support.


You and your customers can find free eLearning content on the Microsoft Learn site. Find the related learning paths at


As a partner, you can keep on top of current and upcoming capabilities, and you can share Microsoft's roadmap with your prospects, for example. This section provides links to places to keep track of for people who are new to Business Central as well as for people who have been working with the product for years.

Get set up as a partner

If you are not already a Microsoft partner, your company must get set up, and so must you as an employee. For more information, see Take prospects and customers online.

Get started with the "Ready to Go" program

The “Ready to Go” program is designed to support you in the journey of bringing offerings to market. The program contains learning, coaching, and tooling. For more information, see The “Ready to Go” Program.

Get an overview of role-specific training material from Microsoft in the The "Ready to Go" learning catalog.

Learn about current or upcoming capabilities

You can learn about current and coming capabilities through a number of different resources as outlined in the following table.

Name Location Description
Release plans /dynamics365/release-plans/ Get an overview of upcoming and recently released capabilities in Business Central and other Dynamics 365 apps.
Business Central docs /dynamics365/business-central Use this content to learn about business functionality.
Business Central development and administration docs /dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/ Use this content to learn how to extend, customize, and administrate Business Central.
The "Ready to Go" learning catalog /dynamics365/business-central/readiness/readiness-learning-catalog Get an overview of role-specific training material from Microsoft.

Share an idea about a new feature you'd like to have

On the Dynamics 365 Ideas site, you can provide suggestions for new feature and capabilities. Your input goes directly to Business Central’s engineering backlog for investigation and prioritization.

Make sure to search through the list of submitted suggestions, as chances are that someone already submitted something similar and might have already received votes. Vote if an idea already has been submitted to get it prioritized on the team’s backlog.

Business Central blog posts

The Dynamics 365 blog is where Microsoft publishes announcements, updates, and tips and tricks, including for Business Central.

Name Location Description
Business Central on the Dynamics 365 blog Use this blog to learn about opportunities, processes, and tools for the Business Central partner community.
Some older blog posts are still available on the Community site for partners or the Community site for business users.

Business Central communities

On the Business Central Community site, you have access to the Business Central Forum. You can use this forum to submit a question and learn from other Business Central community members. MVPs, partners, and Microsoft employees participate in the conversations.

You can also join the BCUG/NAVUG User Group for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, which is a user-led, user-driven community of more than 26,000 users, partners, and MVPs.

Summary of where to file bugs and issues

As a partner, you have different support channels depending on what type of issue you want support for. For more information, see Technical Support for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Issue type Site
Submit support request on behalf of your Business Central online customers Start at the Business Central administration center where you can easily submit a support request in the Power Platform admin center
Report bug in a preview or beta version The MS Collaborate site
Collaboration on the AL language and developer experience The AL Developer Preview GitHub repo
Report bug in supported in-market versions of Business Central on-premises The Support for business site

On occasion, as a partner, you will run into questions that are not directly related to the product. The following list outlines how to get answers to those questions.

For questions related to Contact
Licensing or PSBC agreements Email MBS Orders or MBS Agreements, respectively
Microsoft Partner Network, Partner Center, Cloud Solution Provider program The Partner Center Chat, Call or Submit a Ticket site
Payments, credit terms, checks, wire, or similar Email MBS Accounting
Technical issues with PSBC, PartnerSource, or Order Central Email IT MBS Support
Incentives Email CSA Team
Cloud Solution Provider incentives Email Online Channel Incentives Support
CSA/Ocina escalations Email NAOC Channel Incentives Escalations
Volume licensing The Call Logging Tool site or email Online Licensing


Giving prospects access to a pre-configured trial of Business Central is an elegant way to introduce them to Business Central. You can use the standard trial provided by Microsoft, or you can prepare your own including relevant extensions.

For more information, see Take prospects and customers online.

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