Security Considerations

The following list contains some important things to consider when setting up your Business Central security system.

  • The Business Central security system is initiated when you create the first login. Until you create the first login, any user can have full access to carry out any transaction in a Business Central database. Therefore, the first login that you create must be a superuser (that is, should be assigned the SUPER permission set). The superuser must own and administer all access to the database from within Business Central. We recommend that the user who administers security in Business Central be a superuser.

  • One of the first things that the superuser should do is create logins for the other users that will have access to the database and grant them the appropriate permissions.

  • In Business Central, a table can contain a FlowField, which generates sums based on values that are stored in another table. When using a FlowField, a user must have permission to read both tables or they will not be allowed to read the first table.

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