Download updates from Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Use this tutorial to download updates from Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

Types of updates

  • Binary updates are pre-compiled and cumulative. Every subsequent binary update includes all previous updates. These updates don't have to be compiled in a development environment, and they can be applied directly to a non-development environment from LCS.

    If you're running an environment that has retail functionality and a customized instance of Cloud point of sale (POS), you must complete the additional steps that are listed under Retail SDK packaging. For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, all updates, even updates for application models, are released as binary updates.


    If your environment is on Platform Update 4 and above, you will have the option to download All binary updates and Platform binary updates from the LCS Environment page.

    • The All binary updates tile includes a combined package of application and platform binary updates.
    • The Platform binary updates tile includes the latest platform only updates or hotfixes.
  • X++ updates include updates to specific application functionality in application models. These updates can be independently downloaded and applied. You can select specific X++ updates to apply to your environment. Dependent X++ updates are automatically selected and downloaded. Any X++ updates are source code updates, before they can be applied to a non-development environment, they must be compiled in a developer environment and merged with any customizations. X++ updates apply only to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


    For online environments, you will see both the All X++ updates tile and the Critical X++ updates tile. The Critical X++ updates are recommended KBs that are based on the telemetry data in your production environment.

    To test and apply any X++ updates, after download the X++ updates, apply them in a development environment to build a deployable package, and then apply the deployable package to your sandbox and then production environments.

    For more information about deploying updates, see Apply updates to a cloud environment

Download updates

To view available updates:

  1. Sign in to LCS by using your credentials.

  2. In the LCS project, select an environment.

  3. On the Environment page, the Monitoring section includes update tiles.


    For Retail, you will see tile for binary updates only. For Finance and Operations, you will see tiles for both X++ updates and binary updates. These two types of updates can be independently downloaded and applied. However, some X++ updates might depend on binary updates, and some binary updates might depend on X++ updates. Any dependencies are included in the update description.

Download Binary updates

  1. Click All binary update tile to view the combined list of application and platform binary updates, or Platform binary updates tile for platform only binary updates.

    Binary tiles

  2. On the Binary Updates page, select Save Package.

    Save Binary Package

  3. On the Review and Save Updates page, select Save package.

Review and Save updates

  1. From the Save package to asset library slider, enter the Name and Description, and click Save package.

    Save package to asset library

  2. Click Done to return to environment page.


  3. You'll see the saved binary package in the asset library.


Download X++ updates

  1. Click on All X++ updates tile to view the list of available application updates to an environment, or Critical X++ updates for recommended application updates to your production environment.

    Application X++ update tile

  2. On the Add updates page, select the applicable Knowledge Base (KB) numbers, and then click Add to add selected KBs to the Download package.

    Add X++ updates


    For X++ updates, you can download all available updates at this point. Select Select all, and then click Add to add all KBs to the Download package.

  3. Select Download package.

    Download X++ package

  4. On the Review and download hotfixes page, you can review the hotfixes that you selected, discard the package, return to the hotfix selections, or download the final hotfix package.

    Review and download X++ updates

  5. Download the package, and click Done.


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