What's new in PowerPoint JavaScript API 1.2

PowerPointApi 1.2 added support for inserting slides from another presentation into the current presentation and for deleting slides.

The first table provides a concise summary of the APIs, while the subsequent table gives a detailed list.

Feature area Description Relevant objects
Insert and Delete Slides Allows the insertion of existing slides into the current presentation from another presentation, as well as the ability to delete slides. Slide.delete, Presentation.insertSlidesFromBase64

API list

The following table lists the PowerPoint JavaScript API requirement set 1.2. For a complete list of all PowerPoint JavaScript APIs (including preview APIs and previously released APIs), see all PowerPoint JavaScript APIs.

Class Fields Description
InsertSlideOptions formatting Specifies which formatting to use during slide insertion.
sourceSlideIds Specifies the slides from the source presentation that will be inserted into the current presentation.
targetSlideId Specifies where in the presentation the new slides will be inserted.
Presentation insertSlidesFromBase64(base64File: string, options?: PowerPoint.InsertSlideOptions) Inserts the specified slides from a presentation into the current presentation.
slides Returns an ordered collection of slides in the presentation.
Slide delete() Deletes the slide from the presentation.
id Gets the unique ID of the slide.
SlideCollection getCount() Gets the number of slides in the collection.
getItem(key: string) Gets a slide using its unique ID.
getItemAt(index: number) Gets a slide using its zero-based index in the collection.
getItemOrNullObject(id: string) Gets a slide using its unique ID.
items Gets the loaded child items in this collection.

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