Modernize your workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface for Business

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This learning path introduces you to what a modern workplace means for users and IT, and how Microsoft 365 can help you create it.



Modules in this learning path

A modern workplace provides the collaborative, intelligent, and secure experiences required by today’s fast-paced organizations concerned with recruiting the best talent and staying ahead of security threats, Microsoft can help you solve your business challenges.

Every team is unique, but there is one experience they all demand—the ability to communicate, collaborate, and share securely, whenever and wherever work happens. Microsoft Teams and Office 365 applications help provide the collaborative experiences that employees want, including the ability to be flexible, mobile, and productive on the devices of their choice.

Today, work is more collaborative, diverse, and global than ever before. How do you bring together different types of teams, with diverse team members from all over the world, and enable them to work together effectively? You bring them Microsoft Teams, the innovative solution for modern communication and collaboration needs.

To boost productivity, teamwork, and creativity, your workforce needs software that saves time; but the devices they work on are equally as important. Surface for Business devices are designed to work best with Microsoft 365.

Organizations today have the opportunity, and the need, to balance the technology needs of users and IT. Users want to get the job done on whatever device they choose. Meanwhile, IT teams need tools to deploy and manage PCs that are efficient, agile, secure, and compliant. Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus offer the solutions to do both.

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. There is an opportunity to leverage the power of the cloud to better secure your modern workplace without sacrificing productivity. Microsoft 365 helps organizations address that challenge with built-in, intelligent security.

Today’s organizations must meet growing demands for transparency, privacy, and compliance. Both customers and employees need to trust that their personal information and data are protected and secure. Microsoft 365 has integrated, intelligent compliance solutions to help organizations reduce risks.

In this module, we will go through a series of customer conversations for moving to a cloud-based modern workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface for Business.

The journey to a modern workplace requires change—and that change must be managed for the best possible results. With each new deployment, an organization not only needs to get software deployed, it needs to get users up and running fast, and encourage them to embrace the change. When an organization is ready for Microsoft 365, Microsoft has resources and services available—at no additional cost—to help accelerate those deployments and improve adoption of the solutions.