Documentation in Lync Server 2013


Letztes Änderungsdatum des Themas: 2015-05-15

The MOF model is composed of many service management functions. Documentation about how and when tasks are performed can be shared with members of the same team or with other teams. The method of storing and sharing documentation can vary according to the type of function. For example, the procedures for system administration may be stored as Word documents because they are likely to be printed and referenced frequently. Configuration management information may be automatically generated and stored in a database for easy searching and indexing. Some documentation may be sensitive and should be restricted.

Document management systems

A documentation management system acts as a central repository for documents and helps ensure that only the latest revision of a document is available. You can also consider archiving the older version of the document for reference. Lync Server provides functionality suitable to this task.


Several tools and management functions were discussed that are suited to using databases. The configuration management process is likely to use automated processes that store large amounts of data that require indexing and searching. Support staff may search a database of past issues and resolutions when troubleshooting new issues.

It is likely that there will be different databases being used for different purposes. Decide if these databases should be linked or combined. For example, if the service desk identifies several issues with a common theme (such as new software causing an issue with a particular network adapter), the support staff can query the configuration database to predict how many computers might be affected.