Monitoring back end Lync Server 2013 storage performance


Letztes Änderungsdatum des Themas: 2015-03-09

The Lync Server 2013 back-end databases are a very important part of the Lync Server 2013 deployment. We recommend constantly monitoring the databases and respective transaction logs to help to make sure that the Lync Server 2013 back end is performing optimally.

The following table identifies performance counters that should be monitored to learn information about Storage Performance. The baseline values for these counters must be determined first (when system is at its normal, expected load) to understand the performance changes when system is stressed.

Performance counters to be monitored

Performance Counter Baseline thresholds

Transactions/sec (RTC)

Transactions/sec (rtcdyn)

Transactions/sec (tempdb)

Log Flushes/sec (RTC)

Log Flushes/sec (rtcdyn)

Log Flushes/sec (tempdb)

Disk Transfers/sec (read+write) - RTC db

Disk Transfers/sec - RTC log

Disk Transfers/sec - rtcdyn db

Disk Transfers/sec - rtcdyn log