Running synthetic transactions in Lync Server 2013


Letztes Änderungsdatum des Themas: 2014-08-18

Synthetic transactions are typically conducted in two ways. You can use the CsHealthMonitoringConfiguration cmdlets to set up test users for each of their Registrar pools. These test users are a pair of users who were preconfigured for use with synthetic transactions. (Typically these are test accounts and not accounts that belong to actual users.) With test users configured for a pool, you can run a synthetic transaction against that pool without having to specify the identities of (and supply the credentials for) the user accounts involved in the test.

Or, you can run a synthetic transaction by using actual user accounts. For example, if two users cannot exchange instant messages, you could run a synthetic transaction using those two user accounts (instead of a pair of test accounts), and then try to diagnose and resolve the issue. If you decide to conduct a synthetic transaction using actual user accounts, you must supply the logon names and passwords for each user.

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