Opting out of usage data collection (Machine Learning Server)

By default, telemetry data is collected during your usage of Machine Learning Server and R Client for the purpose of improving products and services. Anonymous usage data includes device information, operating system version, regional and language settings, and errors reports. You can review the Microsoft privacy statement for a detailed explanation.

To turn data collection on or off, use rxPrivacyControl from RevoScaleR on any platform, or rx_privacy_control from revoscalepy.

Version Requirements

Privacy controls are in server version 9.x and later, and R Client 3.4.x and later. To get version informaton, open an R IDE, such the R Console (RGui.exe). The console app reports server version information for Microsoft R Open, R Client, and R Server. From the console, you can use the print command to return verbose version information:

> print(Revo.version)

Permission Requirements

Opting out of telemetry requires administrator rights. The instructions below explain how to run console applications as an administrator.

As an administrator, running the R command rxPrivacyControl(TRUE) will permanently change the setting to TRUE, and rxPrivacyControl(FALSE) will permanently change the setting to FALSE. There is no user-facing way to change the setting for a single session.

Without a parameter, running rxPrivacyControl() returns the current setting. Similarly, if you are not an administrator, rxPrivacyControl() returns just the current setting.

How to opt out (Python)

The revoscalepy package providing rx-privacy-control is installed when you add Python support to Machine Learning Server:

  1. Log on as root: sudo su
  2. Start a Python session: mlserver-python
  3. Load the library:import revoscalepy
  4. Return the current value: revoscalepy.rx_privacy_control()
  5. Change the current value:revoscalepy.rx_privacy_control(TRUE) to turn on telemetry data collection. Otherwise, set it to FALSE.

How to opt out (R)

The RevoScaleR package providesrxPrivacyControl is installed and loaded in both R Client and R Server. To turn off telemetry data collection, you can use the built-in R console application, which loads RevoScaleR automatically.

On Linux

  1. Log on as root: sudo su
  2. Start an R session: Revo64
  3. Return the current value: rxPrivacyControl
  4. Change the current value:rxPrivacyControl(TRUE) to turn on telemetry data collection. Otherwise, set it to FALSE.

On Windows

  1. Log in to the computer as an administrator.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ML Server\R_SERVER\bin\x64.
  3. Right-click Rgui.exe and select Run as administrator.
  4. Type rxPrivacyControl to return the current value.
  5. Type rxPrivacyControl(FALSE)to turn off telemetry data collection.

The rxPrivacyControl command sets the state to be opted-in or out for anonymous usage collection.

Command syntax


This command takes one parameter, optIn, set to either ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ to opt out. Left unspecified, the current setting is returned.

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