About Configuration Manager SDK Requirements

Developing applications and scripts for Microsoft Configuration Manager can be done using a number of development languages and tools. Which one you use depends on the type of application you are writing. Large applications will likely be written in C# using the managed Configuration Manager SDK libraries. VBScript is a good choice for scripting Configuration Manager.

This documentation provides examples in C#, VBScript and, where appropriate, C++.


If you are programming with another .NET Framework language, use the C# examples for reference.

Development tools

Visual Studio provides a suitable environment for developing Configuration Manager applications and scripts. For more information, see Visual Studio documentation.

Development Requirements

For information about development requirements, see Configuration Manager Client Development Requirements and Configuration Manager Server Development Requirements.

Runtime Requirements

For information about runtime requirements, see Configuration Manager Client Runtime Requirements and Configuration Manager Server Runtime Requirements.


For more information about general Configuration Manager requirements, see Supported configurations.

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