Add an advanced form

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Power Pages is built on the foundation of Power Apps portals. Many of the tools and methods used to configure Power Pages use the functionality of Power Apps portals.

You can create Advanced forms by using the Portal Management app. For details on how to create advanced forms, go to Define advanced form properties for portals in the Power Apps portals documentation.

After you've created your advanced form configuration, you can add it to your page in the design studio with the code editor.

  1. In the design studio, create or edit a page.

  2. Select the code editor icon, and in between the <div></div> tags, enter the following Liquid code snippet:

    {% webform name: '<name of advanced form>' %}

    For example, if your advanced form name is Scholarship Application, the code will be:

    {% webform name: 'Scholarship Application' %}

    Adding an advanced form.

  3. Select Save in the code editor window.

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