Power Pages templates

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

When you create a new Power Pages site, you can choose a default template to build your site or can you can choose scenario-based templates to accelerate creating your site.

Selection of templates when creating a new site.

Default template

The default template provides basic building blocks for you to create custom pages. The simple navigation is an easily updated page and subpage structure, with common pages already created for you to use as-is or modify to meet your specific needs.

More information: Default template

After school program registration

The after school program template is designed to show you the capabilities of a registration site to create events and allow stakeholders to register.

More information: After School Program template

Schedule meetings with a financial institution

The book a meeting template is designed to show you the capabilities of a scheduling template. View availability and schedule a meeting online.

More information: Book A Meeting template