MOM 2005 Frequently Asked Questions

Published: August 25, 2004

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Q. What is Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005?

A. MOM 2005 is an event and performance management tool for Windows Server System. MOM 2005 improves the manageability of your infrastructure by providing:

  • Comprehensive event management.

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting.

  • Reporting and trend analysis.

  • System and application-specific knowledge from the experts.

For more information, see the MOM 2005 Product Overview page.

Q. How does MOM 2005 relate to the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Microsoft's long-term management strategy?

A. MOM 2005 is a key component of DSI, an industry-wide initiative led by Microsoft aimed at delivering software that maximizes resources and decreases labor costs across the entire IT life cycle by including manageability into all components. By driving operational requirements back into IT systems at design time, a strong connection can be created between system design and IT operations and ultimately to users utilizing the applications.

The development of MOM management packs by application developers is an example of "designing for operations," a pillar of DSI.

For more information, see the DSI Web site.

Q. If I have another operations management solution, do I still need MOM?

A. Microsoft recommends that you integrate Microsoft management tools with non-Microsoft management systems to best manage the entire IT environment. To simplify your integration with other management tools in your business, MOM 2005 includes the Web services-based MOM Connector Framework (MCF). The MCF Web service provides an abstraction of the MOM 2005 alerting infrastructure, which lets you:

  • Identify MOM 2005 alerts to be forwarded to another management system.

  • Insert alerts from other management systems and display them in the MOM 2005 Operator Console along with alerts generated by MOM 2005.

  • Track which alerts have been forwarded to another management system and when they need updates.

  • Synchronize alerts between management systems, reducing duplicate efforts for alert tracking and updating.

For more information, see the MOM Connector Framework page.

Q. How have other companies used MOM 2005?

A. We provide a number of customer case studies. See the Case Studies page.

Q. What is MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition?

A. Previously known as MOM "Express", MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition is a limited version of MOM 2005 aimed at managing 10 or fewer servers. MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition provides a subset of the full MOM 2005 functionality. For more information, see the section below about MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition, or the MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition Product Overview page.

Q. Where do I find deep technical and support information about MOM 2005?

A. For technical articles and guides about MOM 2005, see Microsoft Operations Manager on TechNet.

Q. Where can I get the latest management news and information?

You can sign up for the periodic Management Newsletter.

Where can I download MOM 2005 Service Pack 1?

To download the software, see the MOM 2005 Service Pack 1 page.