Before You Import the Management Pack

Betrifft: Mobile Device Manager, Operations Manager 2007, Operations Manager 2007 R2

Before you import the MDM Management Pack, take the following actions:

  • Delete any previous installations of MDM Management Packs before importing this MDM Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007. This management pack is a new management pack. By deleting any previous installations of the MDM Management Pack, you can ensure that the installations do not conflict.

  • For each MDM Gateway Server, you must manually install the client agents because Operations Manager 2007 cannot discover client agents that run outside of the domain, and the MDM Gateway Server may not be domain-joined. For information about manual agent installs, see How to Deploy the Operations Manager 2007 Agent for Agent-Management of Computers (

    For information about installing certificates on servers in untrusted domains, such as MDM Gateway Server, see Authentication and Data Encryption in Operations Manager 2007 (

  • Confirm that all agents that this management pack will monitor are agent-managed and show as healthy in the Operations Console.

  • Configure any user accounts that need to be set up, such as any required Run As accounts or profiles. This management pack includes Run As profiles named MDM Monitoring Account and MDM Discovery Account to allow for the definition of specific credentials on a per-agent basis. You may need to use these Run As profiles for some of the agents after you import the management pack.