Are My Message Queues Within the Normal Range?

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack provides numerous Windows NT Performance-based self-tuning threshold rules to help you monitor the availability and performance of your Exchange environment. In Operations Manager 2007, a self-tuning threshold monitor uses a learning process to determine the normal values for a specified performance counter object and sets the threshold levels based on the learned values.

Exchange queues are monitored by Operations Manager 2007 by using self-tuning thresholds. The SMTP Local Queue, for example, is monitored for a week to establish the baseline, during which time alerts are not raised. After the learning period, if a counter is outside the baseline an alert is raised.

A baseline can be reset by using overrides to disable and then enable the monitor. For more information about self-tuning thresholds, see "Self-Tuning Threshold Monitors in Operations Manager 2007" ( in the Operations Manager 2007 Help.