Recommended Additional Management Packs

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

To keep your Exchange 2003 environment running smoothly with high availability, you must maintain the overall health of your Information Technology (IT) environment. This effort involves many components specific to Exchange Server 2003, and it involves the underlying physical network topology, Active Directory deployment, and operating system configuration.

Operations Manager 2007 can monitor your IT environment by providing views and alerts to help improve system health. At a minimum, you should deploy the Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack together with the Exchange Management Pack so that you can monitor the Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack in addition to the components specific to Exchange Server 2003. A functioning Active Directory environment is required for Exchange Server 2003 operations. Consider also deploying management packs for the following items:

  • The operating systems of the servers running Exchange

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • Network devices, such as routers


    Management packs for network devices can be provided by the manufacturer or third parties, or they can be created within your organization.

  • Messaging client (Information Worker as a Client Management Pack)

  • The operating systems of the messaging clients

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