Objects the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack Discovers

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2003 Discovery Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 enables the discovery of the object types described in the following table. All object discovery rules are targeted at the Exchange 2003 Role, which is the top-level object type in the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack.

Object Discovery Rule Name

Discovered Object Type

Exchange 2003 ActiveSync Discovery

Exchange 2003 ActiveSync component on Exchange 2003 front-end servers

Exchange 2003 Database Discovery

Exchange database component(s) on Exchange 2003 back-end servers

Exchange 2003 IMAP4 Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 IMAP4 service

Exchange 2003 Information Store Discovery

Exchange 2003 Information Store service

Exchange 2003 Initial Server Discovery

The initial discovery of a server running Exchange Server 2003. Disabling this rule disables all local discovery of a server running Exchange 2003 Server

Exchange 2003 Mailflow Discovery

Exchange 2003 Mailflow Monitoring Component

Exchange 2003 Management Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 Management Service

Exchange 2003 MAPI Discovery

MAPI logon monitoring component on a back-end server running Exchange Server 2003

Exchange 2003 Message Transfer Agent Stack Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 MTA Stack Service

Exchange 2003 Outlook Mobile Access Discovery

Exchange 2003 Outlook Mobile Access component on front-end servers for Exchange Server 2003

Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Discovery

Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access component on front-end servers for Exchange Server 2003

Exchange 2003 POP3 Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 POP3 Service

Exchange 2003 Queue Discovery

Exchange 2003 Queue Monitoring Component

Exchange 2003 Replication Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 Replication Service

Exchange 2003 Routing Engine Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 Routing Engine Service

Exchange 2003 Server Role Attribute Discovery

Discovers all attributes of a server running Exchange Server 2003

Exchange 2003 System Attendant Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 System Attendant Service

Exchange 2003 SMTP Service Discovery

Exchange 2003 SMTP Service

Exchange 2003 Topology Discovery

Exchange 2003 topology. The topology can include computers running Exchange Server 2003 that are not yet managed by Operations Manager 2007

For more information about an object discovery rule, view the properties of the rule, and then click Product Knowledge. To access object discovery rules, go to the Object Discoveries node under the Management Pack Objects node in the Operations Console Authoring pane.