Placing Monitored Objects in Maintenance Mode

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

When a monitored object, such as a computer or distributed application, goes offline for maintenance, Operations Manager 2007 detects that no agent heartbeat is being received and, as a result, might generate numerous alerts and notifications. To prevent alerts and notifications, place the monitored object into maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, alerts, notifications, rules, monitors, automatic responses, state changes, and new alerts are suppressed at the agent.

Because the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack may perform mail flow synthetic transactions between mailbox servers, putting a single server in maintenance mode will not prevent alerts from being raised from other servers expecting mail from the server that is in maintenance mode.

For more information about placing a monitored object in maintenance mode, see “How to Put a Monitored Object into Maintenance Mode” ( in Operations Manager 2007.