How to Enable the Exchange Topology View

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

To enable the Exchange Topology view, do the following:

  1. Enable the agent proxy on all managed servers running Exchange Server 2003. For more information about the agent proxy, see the "How to Configure an Operations Manager 2007 Agent-Managed Computer as a Proxy for Agentless Managed Computers" ( topic in the Operations Manager 2007 Help.


    All servers in each organization in each management group must have agent proxy enabled.

  2. Use overrides to enable Exchange Topology Discovery on a managed server running Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Topology Discovery will update after the next discovery interval, up to one hour, or you can stop and start the Operations Manager Health service on the server running Exchange.

To enable Exchange Topology Discovery

  1. In the Authoring pane of the Operations console, click Object Discoveries.

  2. In the Object Discoveries pane, right-click Exchange 2003 Topology Discovery, point to Overrides, point to Override the Object Discovery, and then click For all objects of type: Exchange 2003 Role.

  3. In the Select Object dialog box, type the search criteria, and then click OK.

  4. Select the desired server running Exchange Server 2003 from Matching objects, and then click OK.

  5. In the Override Properties dialog box, select Override for the Enabled parameter, and then select True from the Override Setting drop-down list.

  6. Select the management pack to save the override in, and then click OK.