MAPI Logon Verification Script Errors

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

The Configuration Wizard creates the mailbox access account (MAA) and the Test Accounts and Mailboxes folder. These accounts are used for the MAPI Logon script and Outlook Web Access (OWA) logon script to monitor the Exchange-based servers.

To verify that the Mailbox Store is mounted and that Microsoft Office Outlook users can successfully log on, the Exchange Management Pack runs the MAPI Logon Verification script. In this script, the MAA credentials are used to log on and open the mailbox of the Test mailbox (servernameMOM). The Mail Flow Verification scripts also use MAPI logon to send and receive messages.

You might encounter one or more of the following MAPI logon errors:



For information about resolving these errors, see Knowledge Base article 911144 (

If you are getting MAPI logon errors, follow all the troubleshooting steps in the Knowledge Base article, because there can be multiple causes for these issues and resolving one can help identify the underlying issue. For more information about MAPI errors, see Knowledge Base article 238119 (

It is also important to verify that the MAA has full mailbox rights to the mailbox used for the MAPI Logon test. You can verify whether the MAA has permission by using the following procedure.

To verify the mailbox access account has full mailbox rights

  1. Open Outlook as the Mailbox access account, and then click File.

  2. Click Open, and then click Other User’s Folder.

  3. Select the Test mailbox. The Inbox of the Test account is displayed.

If you cannot open the test mailbox, use the following procedure.

To set full mailbox access rights

  1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers folder, and then look at the properties of the Test mailbox.

  2. Click Exchange Advanced, and then click Mailbox Rights to display the MAA.

  3. Select Full Mailbox Access, and then click OK.

If you continue to have issues opening the Test mailbox, verify none of the mailboxes used by Operations Manager 2007, such as the MAA and Test mailboxes, are hidden. If the accounts are hidden in the global address list (GAL), the MAPI logon script or Mail Flow Verification scripts are unable to use the accounts.

If the accounts are not hidden but you are still unable to log on to Outlook, determine how the accounts were created; for example, accounts created by using the Configuration Wizard, manually, or other products The account creation method of creating the accounts might provide information why you cannot send or receive e-mail messages with Outlook.