What Exchange Objects on My Network Can I Manage?

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

Object discovery is the process Operations Manager 2007 automatically performs to collect data about objects on the network that it can manage. By importing the Exchange Server 2003 Management Packs, new object types, such as Exchange organizations, servers running Exchange, and the Outlook Web Access component, can be discovered and thereby managed.

There are two primary types of discovery for Exchange: topology and local.

  • Exchange Topology Discovery collects data about Exchange organizations, administrative groups, routing groups, routing group connectors, and their attributes. It can even discover servers that are not yet managed by Operations Manager 2007.


    For a sample Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack topology view, see section “How Health Rolls Up” in this guide.

  • Exchange local discovery collects data about managed Exchange back-end and front-end servers and their child objects, such as Exchange database components.