Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

Use the views provided with the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack to understand the current availability, configuration, health, and performance of your Exchange environment. The Active Alerts, All Events, All Performance Data, and All Server State views provide a broad perspective of your Exchange environment and an indication of what requires your attention. The Topology view provides a graphical representation of your Exchange environment and the health of each component. The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack also provides views specifically for these items:

  • Active Sync

  • Components (of Exchange)

  • IMAPI4

  • Mail Flow

  • Mail Queues

  • MAPI Logon

  • Message Transfer Agent

  • Outlook Mobile Access

  • Outlook Web Access

  • Overview (dashboard views of Exchange components)

  • POP3

  • Server Performance

  • SMTP

  • Storage