Configuration Wizard Options

Betrifft: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

You can run the Configuration Wizard to configure your environment with default settings, or you can customize the settings to meet specific additional monitoring requirements for your organization.

By default, the Configuration Wizard automatically does the following:

  • Enables message tracking

  • Enables service monitoring of the following services:

    • Microsoft Exchange Information Store

    • Microsoft Exchange Management

    • Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks

    • Microsoft Exchange System Attendant

    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

    • World Wide Web Publishing Service

  • Creates a Test mailbox on the First Mailbox Store of Exchange.

  • Enables server availability monitoring and lets you identify the sending and receiving mail servers for the mail flow test.

  • Creates the Mailbox Access Account and mailbox.

You can use the custom option to select features that you require and then configure them. Use the custom option to do the following:

  • Identify specific services to monitor.

  • Configure mailbox availability monitoring to be per-store or per-server (MAPI logon).

  • Disable mailbox availability monitoring.

  • Create and configure the Mailbox Access Account and mailbox. This account must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have permissions to read and write to the directory %systemroot%\temp\exmppd.

    2. Have local logon rights on each server running Exchange.

    3. Have a Display Name and samAccountName that are identical.

  • Enable message tracking

  • Enable and configure mail flow.

  • Enable front-end server monitoring.

  • Use the command-line interface.

  • Save the current configuration to XML.

  • Modify configuration options before applying.