What's New in Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1

Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 provides a simplified model for authoring and viewing help content. In version 1.1, the system has been completely redesigned and has no dependencies on previous help systems. This topic provides a summary of the features in Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1.

New Features

  • View Microsoft Help Viewer online content from your preferred web browser, and view offline content from the Local Help Viewer.

  • Manage offline content and help settings with the Help Library Manager.

  • Download the latest documentation from Microsoft on demand. Offline content is stored in standard zip format files (with the .mshc file extension).

  • Navigate through content using a hierarchical table of contents (TOC) similar to the classic MSDN Online TOC.

  • Navigate through content using a keyword index.

  • Browse topics you have visited using History and bookmark them for revisiting later using Favorites.

  • Find information easily with the improved full text search algorithm.

For more information about these and other features, see the Feature Overview.

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