Make Windows 10 your own

With Windows 10, you can customize the device UI, connectivity settings, and user experience to meet the needs of your market or enterprise. You can add applications, modify icons and layouts, change default settings, configure network settings, and add brand-specific art and sounds to your OS image or device. We provide a suite of tools to customize your OS image, build a provisioning package, and enable enterprise management.

Learn about the Windows Provisioning framework

Showcase your brand, services, and apps by customizing your image. Sample answer files and reference information are provided to get you started.

Provision your device

Save time and money by creating a provisioning package that you can deploy across multiple devices. You can modify an existing package to quickly customize a new project, or apply the package to a system already running Windows 10.

Windows ICD

Use the new Windows ICD tool to customize an image for individual market segments, mobile networks, and regions.

Enable enterprise management

Develop systems that meet the needs of your enterprise customers. In Windows 10, you get a modern yet powerful device management solution for the enterprise to help protect data and control access to corporate resources. The unified mobile device management (MDM) enrollment protocol for ISVs is aligned across desktop and mobile devices.

Something WICD this way comes

Take a tour of Windows ICD to learn firsthand how you can create a provisioning package.