Desktop Security Primer

Secure Approach

A secure desktop environment starts with a holistic approach to reduce the attack surface and enables devices to continuing performing while under attack. Learn how to create the foundation that can evolve with your networks.

Editor’s Note: Preparation is in the Approach
Systems management and protection go hand in hand when it comes to securing your desktop environment.

TechNet Magazine:Take the ‘Defense in Depth’ Approach
The “Defense in Depth” approach represents a complete security philosophy—one that helps protect the computing environment from numerous attack vectors.

TechNet Magazine:The Four Pillars of Endpoint Security
By focusing on these fundamental aspects of network security, you can keep the bad guys out and the good data in..

Why Converging Endpoint Security and Management Makes Sense
This approach better aligns with our customers' desktop management and security solutions, helping them simplify deployment and reduce costs.

Forefront Endpoint Protection Overview
Forefront Endpoint Protection makes it easy for desktop administrators to roll out a large-scale endpoint protection solution to all user desktops and portable computers.

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