Welcome to SharePoint Portal Server

Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 provides a comprehensive dashboard site user interface, enhanced document management, robust content search and crawling, and useful subscription management.

The SharePoint Portal Server Software Development Kit (SDK) has been created to provide up-to-date information to programmers who want to create applications and extensions to SharePoint Portal Server.

The SDK includes the following sections:

  • Concepts and Architecture. This section provides descriptions of the SharePoint Portal Server components, how they work together, and how they work with the programs you write.
  • Scenarios. This section provides conceptual information and procedures for specific scenarios about extending SharePoint Portal Server applications programmatically.
  • Reference. Reference material is provided for the objects, methods and properties, search language, and the other components that applications use to access SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Code Samples. Code samples teach programmatic application and extensibility of SharePoint Portal Server.
  • SharePoint Portal Server Code Practices. This section provides information for code practices specific to SharePoint Portal Server applications where programmatic solutions vary from the base technology.
  • Glossary. The glossary provides specific definitions for terms used in this SDK.
  • Appendix. The appendix provides information on basic concepts, the collaboration platform, and additional programming techniques.