Protection settings for Office 2013


Gilt für: Office 2013

Letztes Änderungsdatum des Themas: 2015-03-09

Summary: Contains articles that will help you plan the protection settings you will need when you deploy Office 2013.

Audience: IT Professionals

Protection settings help you choose encryption methods, enable digital signatures, and decide which types of COM objects are allowed to run.

Office 2013-LogoThe articles that are listed in the following table will help you understand and implement the Office 2013 protection settings that are best for your organization.

Office 2013 protection setting articles on TechNet

Article Description

Planen der Einstellungen für die Kategorisierung von COM-Objekten für Office 2013

Explains how to use COM object categorization to control the behavior of certain COM objects in Office 2013.

Planen von Kryptografie- und Verschlüsselungseinstellungen für Office 2013

Explains the settings that you can use to encrypt data in Office 2013, and provides information about compatibility with earlier versions of Office.

Planen von Einstellungen für digitale Signaturen für Office 2013

Provides information about how to support XAdES digital signatures in Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, and Word 2013 documents.

Planen von Office-Dateiüberprüfungseinstellungen für Office 2013

Explains how Office File Validation settings can help prevent file format attacks in Office 2013.