Appendix J: Setup Return Codes

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 uses the following return codes to determine the success or the failure of its Setup.

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Setup Return Codes

The table in this section shows the return codes (hexadecimal values) returned by wsussetup.exe, the return string, and the meaning. A return code of zero indicates success; anything else indicates a failure.

Return Code Return String Meaning
0x001450 SUS_LAUNCH_ERROR Setup Launch Conditions not satisfied.
0x001451 SUS_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error.
0x001452 SUS_REBOOT_REQUIRED Reboot required to complete the installation. This most commonly occurs when installing wMSDE.
0x001453 SUS_INVALID_COMMANDLINE Invalid CommandLine
0x001454 SUS_LOWSQLVERSION Low SQL version. SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 is required.
0x001455 SUS_TRIGGERSNOTSET SQL triggers are not set. When installing on an existing SQL instance, that instance must support nested triggers.
0x001456 SUS_INVALIDPATH Invalid content path specified.
0x001457 SUS_NETWORKPATH Specified content path is a network path.
0x001458 SUS_NONNTFS_PATH Specified content path is not NTFS.
0x001459 SUS_NONFIXEDDRIVE Specified content path is not on a fixed drive.
0x00145a SUS_NONTFS_DRIVES_PRESENT No NTFS drives present on the system.
0x00145b SUS_INSUFFICIENT_SPACE Not enough space is available at the given path. At least 6 GB of space is required.
0x00145c SUS_NEED_SERVER_AND_PORT Need both server name and port for replica mode.
0x00145d SUS_MSCOM_SERVER Specified server name ends in "".
0x001460 SUS_ERROR_PREREQCHECK_FAIL Prerequisite check failed.
0x001461 SUS_LOWDBSCHEMAUPGRADE_VERSION This database schema is too old to be upgraded.
0x001462 SUS_UPGRADE_REQUIRED Setup needs to upgrade from a previous version. Use the /G to avoid this error.