EmailQuerySearchFields Enum


Defines the field(s) by which to search a collection of email messages. Use the OR operator to combine these values together into a single bit field.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class EmailQuerySearchFields
/// [System.Flags]
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, 65536)]
enum EmailQuerySearchFields
[Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(typeof(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract), 65536)]
public enum EmailQuerySearchFields
var value = Windows.ApplicationModel.Email.EmailQuerySearchFields.none
Public Enum EmailQuerySearchFields

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced in 10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced in v1.0)
App capabilities
email emailSystem


All 4294967295

Search by all searchable fields.

None 0

No search field defined.

Preview 4

Search by preview text field.

Recipients 8

Search by members of the recipient list.

Sender 2

Search by sender field.

Subject 1

Search by subject field.

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