MediaStreamSource.SetBufferedRange(TimeSpan, TimeSpan) Method


Sets the range of data that the application is currently buffering.

 virtual void SetBufferedRange(TimeSpan startOffset, TimeSpan endOffset) = SetBufferedRange;
void SetBufferedRange(TimeSpan const& startOffset, TimeSpan const& endOffset);
public void SetBufferedRange(System.TimeSpan startOffset, System.TimeSpan endOffset);
function setBufferedRange(startOffset, endOffset)
Public Sub SetBufferedRange (startOffset As TimeSpan, endOffset As TimeSpan)


TimeSpan TimeSpan

The smallest time stamp of a MediaStreamSample buffered by the application.

TimeSpan TimeSpan

The largest time stamp of a MediaStreamSample buffered by the application.


Applications that use the network to stream or download the data for MediaStreamSamples should invoke SetBufferedRange to specify what portion of the time-line is currently buffered. If the buffered range extends from 0 to the value of Duration, and Duration is non-zero, the operating system may allow the network hardware to enter a power saving mode.

By default, the buffered range is assumed to be empty when the CanSeek property is false or when the Duration property is 0. If CanSeek is true, the buffered range default is 0 to Duration

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