MediaPlaybackSphericalVideoProjection.HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees Property


Gets or sets the horizontal field of view, expressed in degrees, used for spherical video projection.

 property double HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees { double get(); void set(double value); };
double HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees();

void HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees(double value);
public double HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees { get; set; }
var double = mediaPlaybackSphericalVideoProjection.horizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees;
mediaPlaybackSphericalVideoProjection.horizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees = double;
Public Property HorizontalFieldOfViewInDegrees As Double

Property Value


The horizontal field of view, expressed in degrees


The value of this property is not guaranteed to be correct until after the MediaPlayer.MediaOpened event has been raised for the associated media item.

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