FolderPicker.SuggestedStartLocation Property


Gets or sets the initial location where the folder picker looks for folders to present to the user.

 property PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation { PickerLocationId get(); void set(PickerLocationId value); };
PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation();

void SuggestedStartLocation(PickerLocationId value);
public PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation { get; set; }
var pickerLocationId = folderPicker.suggestedStartLocation;
folderPicker.suggestedStartLocation = pickerLocationId;
Public Property SuggestedStartLocation As PickerLocationId

Property Value


The identifier of the starting location.


The SuggestedStartLocation is not always used as the start location for the folder picker. To give the user a sense of consistency, the folder picker remembers the last location that the user navigated to and will generally start at that location.

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