SystemDataPaths SystemDataPaths SystemDataPaths SystemDataPaths SystemDataPaths Class


Gets some commonly used system wide folder locations based on the KNOWNFOLDERID naming pattern.

public : sealed class SystemDataPaths
struct winrt::Windows::Storage::SystemDataPaths
public sealed class SystemDataPaths
Public NotInheritable Class SystemDataPaths
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (introduced v10.0.16299.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v5)


This class contains methods and properties that return paths consistent with those that a Desktop app would use.


Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts

Gets the path to the fonts folder.

ProgramData ProgramData ProgramData ProgramData ProgramData

Gets the path to the ProgramData folder on the machine.

Public Public Public Public Public

Gets the path to the Public folder on the machine.

PublicDesktop PublicDesktop PublicDesktop PublicDesktop PublicDesktop

Gets the path to the Public Desktop folder on the machine.

PublicDocuments PublicDocuments PublicDocuments PublicDocuments PublicDocuments

Gets the path to the Public Documents folder on the machine.

PublicDownloads PublicDownloads PublicDownloads PublicDownloads PublicDownloads

Gets the path to the Public Downloads folder on the machine.

PublicMusic PublicMusic PublicMusic PublicMusic PublicMusic

Gets the path to the Public Music folder on the machine.

PublicPictures PublicPictures PublicPictures PublicPictures PublicPictures

Gets the path to the Public Pictures folder on the machine.

PublicVideos PublicVideos PublicVideos PublicVideos PublicVideos

Gets the path to the Public Videos folder on the machine.

System System System System System

Gets the path to the Windows system folder.

SystemArm SystemArm SystemArm SystemArm SystemArm

Gets the path to the System folder for a machine using an ARM operating system.

SystemHost SystemHost SystemHost SystemHost SystemHost

Gets the path to the System folder regardless of the operating system architecture (x64, x86, ARM).

SystemX64 SystemX64 SystemX64 SystemX64 SystemX64

Gets the path to the 64-bit Windows system folder.

SystemX86 SystemX86 SystemX86 SystemX86 SystemX86

Gets the path to the 32-bit Windows system folder.

UserProfiles UserProfiles UserProfiles UserProfiles UserProfiles

Gets a path to the user profiles for the computer.

Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows

Gets a path to the Windows directory.


GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault()

Gets the paths to various system data folders.