Get started with the hardware dashboard program

The Partner Center enables you to create and manage your system and driver submissions quickly and easily, with improved experiences for:

  • Using the dashboard API to programmatically work with submissions

  • HCK/HLK device certification submissions

  • Publishing to Windows Update as either a critical and/or dynamic update using shipping labels

  • Sharing your driver with another company (Resell)

  • Customizing your driver after initial certification (DUA)

  • Managing your users and legal agreements

  • System/Hardware certification submissions

To access the hardware dashboard, you need to register for hardware program.

Register for the hardware program

Your company's administrator must register for the Windows Hardware Dev Center program. See Register for the Hardware Program for additional information about the registration process.

Design, create, and test your hardware and drivers

You can help your customers identify quality products that run reliably on Windows-based computers by testing your products and participating in the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program (for Windows 10), or the Windows Hardware Certification Program (for Windows 8/8.1 and older operating systems).

These programs enable you to design, create, and test your hardware and drivers before you submit the final version through the PArtner Center . For more information, see the Windows hardware certification page.

Submit your hardware and drivers for the compatibility program or certification