Add or Update a code signing certificate

As a Partner Center administrator, you’re responsible for keeping your digital certificate information up to date. When the original certificate expires, you’ll need to get a new certificate and upload a new file signed with your new digital certificate.

Partner Center supports multiple certificates associated with a single account. If you want to add additional certificates using this same process.

If you’re registering your company on dashboard for the first time, see Get started with the hardware dashboard program.


The certificate uploaded and used for all Partner Center submission packages has changed:

  • Extended validation (EV) code signing certificates are required for all submissions.
  • All certificates must be SHA2 and signed with the /fd sha256 signtool command line switch
  • (for more information, see this HLK Blog post).

To add or update a code signing certificate

Step 1: Renew your code signing certificate if needed

  1. Determine which type of code signing certificate you need (for more information, see Get a code signing certificate).

  2. Get a new certificate or reuse an existing certificate.

  3. Once you receive your verified certificate from the certificate authority, proceed to Step 2 to download and sign the "Signablefile.bin"

Step 2: Sign and upload your "Signablefile.bin file

  1. Only Administrators are allowed to upload or expire Hardware Dashboard certificates.

  2. Once an Administrator has signed in, you may use this direct link Sign and upload your file, or manually navigate to the page following these steps.

  3. Select the gear icon in the upper right, then select Developer settings, then Manage Certificates on the left pane.

  4. Select the Add a new certificate button, then select the Next button.

  5. Download the Signablefile.bin and sign it with the new digital certificate for your company using SignTool with the following switch /fd sha256 and appropriate SHA-2 timestamp.

  6. Upload the signed file to the Partner Center.