The !popolicy extension displays the power policy of the target computer.

!popolicy [Address]


Specifies the address of the power policy structure to display. If this is omitted, then nt!PopPolicy is displayed.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


Additional Information

To view the system's power capabilities, use the !pocaps extension command. For information about power capabilities and power policy, see the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation and Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon.


Here is an example of this command's output:

kd> !popolicy
SYSTEM_POWER_POLICY (R.1) @ 0x80164d58
  PowerButton:      Shutdown  Flags: 00000003   Event: 00000000   Query UI
  SleepButton:          None  Flags: 00000003   Event: 00000000   Query UI
  LidClose:             None  Flags: 00000001   Event: 00000000   Query
  Idle:                 None  Flags: 00000001   Event: 00000000   Query
  OverThrottled:        None  Flags: c0000004   Event: 00000000   Override NoWakes Critical
  IdleTimeout:             0  IdleSensitivity:        50%
  MinSleep:               S0  MaxSleep:               S0
  LidOpenWake:            S0  FastSleep:              S0
  WinLogonFlags:           1  S4Timeout:               0
  VideoTimeout:            0  VideoDim:               209
  SpinTimeout:             0  OptForPower:             1
  FanTolerance:            0% ForcedThrottle:          0%
  MinThrottle:             0%

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