CHAOS Tests (Device Fundamentals)

The CHAOS (Concurrent Hardware and Operating System) tests run various PnP driver tests, device driver fuzz tests, and power system tests concurrently.


Test Description

Disable Enhanced Device Testing (EDT) Support

This test uninstalls the test filter driver (msdmfilt.sys) as an upper filter on devices specified using the DQ parameter. This test filter gets installed as part of running tests in this test category

The PnP driver test uses EDT filter driver to send IRP_MN_CANCEL_REMOVE_DEVICE to target device stacks.

Parameters: - see Device Fundamentals Test Parameters


Run CHAOS Test

Runs PnP testing and Fuzz testing in parallel while cycling the system through all supported system power states. The PnP driver tests send I/O requests to target device stacks while performing PnP operations.

This test the runs PnP tests (disable/enable, rebalance, remove/restart, surprise remove, and DIF remove) and Driver Fuzz tests on the test device in parallel, while cycling the test system in and out of all of its supported sleep states (S1, S2, S3, S4 and Connected Standby) at the same time. The goal of this test is to test PNP, I/O, and Power concurrency scenarios and find any crashes and/or hangs in the process.

Test binary: Devfund_ChaosTest.dll

Test method: RunCHAOSTest


DQ - see Device Fundamentals Test Parameters

TestPeriod - Specifies how long to run the test (in minutes).

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