Editing a Work Item using Property Pages

You can edit the properties of a work item by using the graphic user interface provided by the Task Scheduler Service. (Currently, the only valid work items are tasks.)

The following procedure describes how to edit a task using its property pages.

To edit a task using its property pages

  1. Call CoInitialize to initialize the COM library and CoCreateInstance to get a Task Scheduler object. (These examples assume that the Task Scheduler service is running.)
  2. Call ITaskScheduler::Activate to get the ITask interface of the task object. (Note that tasks are currently the only valid type of work item.)
  3. Call IScheduledWorkItem::EditWorkItem to display the property pages for the task.
  4. Edit the properties of the task as needed, then click OK to accept the new values and remove the displayed property pages.
For a code example of See
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