Azure Marketplace and AppSource publishing guide

The Marketplace publishing guide is designed to help new and existing publishers learn how to use storefronts in the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource to grow their business in partnership with Microsoft by listing applications and services.


The Marketplace here refers to both Azure Marketplace and AppSource. See One Marketplace, two storefronts for more information.

This guide covers the following topics:

  • What the Marketplace is and how it works
  • The difference between Azure Marketplace and AppSource storefronts
  • The benefits of participating in the Marketplace
  • How to become a publisher and list your application or service
  • How to grow your business

This guide contains both technical and business information about the steps you need to take before you list your applications and services. Use the table of contents to go to different sections of the guide and to go directly to key topics.

For questions about the Azure Marketplace and AppSource, send us a message under Problem Type > Marketplace Onboarding.  Our Marketplace Publisher Onboarding Team will be happy to help!

Benefits of participating in the Marketplace

The Marketplace is the launch pad for joint go-to-market activities with Microsoft that can help accelerate your business growth. By using launch promotion, demand generation, and joint sales and marketing, your Marketplace offers can be the centerpiece of your cloud business engine. There are no fees for participating in the Marketplace.

Our goal is to connect Microsoft customers with the best solutions that our partner ecosystem offers. To do that, we support you throughout your journey, from onboarding to publishing and growth.

Take advantage of the capabilities in the Marketplace to grow your business.

Expand to new markets and segments and generate new sales opportunities

Use the Marketplace as a channel to access new markets, segments, and Microsoft cloud users with your portfolio of solutions. Generate new marketing leads, and nurture new leads to sales opportunities. Benefit from joint marketing and sales activities to get more customers.

Enhance business value and increase deal size with existing and new customers

Upsell and cross-sell your solutions by addressing customer problems after you move workloads to the cloud. If you sell or deploy through the Marketplace, you can reduce sales cycles, accelerate projects, and increase deal profitability by selling complete solutions that target specific workloads and industry scenarios.

Get actionable insights

Get insights on the performance of your listings through the insights and analytics that are available to you through the Marketplace. Get more information about campaign performance, orders and payouts, and how to maximize campaign activities for your solution.

Commercial marketplace benefits

New listings in the Marketplace are eligible for a diverse set of free benefits to help partners grow their business in the Marketplace. These benefits fall into the following categories:

  • Technical: Everything you need to get your application ready for launch. From technical support, application design, and architecture design, to Azure credits for development and testing.

  • Co-marketing: Everything you need to launch your offer. Access free Microsoft Go-To-Market Launch Fundamentals to help you launch and promote your solution. You might also be eligible for additional Microsoft marketing campaign inclusion and opportunities to be featured in the Marketplace.

  • Co-selling: Begin or accelerate your journey to selling with Microsoft through the Marketplace. Access programs and support to drive joint sales with Microsoft teams.

After you submit your solution to the Marketplace, our onboarding team contacts you to support your publishing experience. See how to create a Partner Center account for more information.

Learn more about your commercial marketplace benefits.

Next steps

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