Developer tools

This section provides a single location for you to learn about the developer tools and community developed developer tools that you can use with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises).

Community tools

XrmToolBox developed the following community tools for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises):

  • WebResources Manager - The tool helps you to create, update, delete, and preview web resources. It also includes support for deploying TypeScript files and Mapping files, allowing client side debugging of TypeScript.

  • FetchXML Builder - Provides a UI to compose FetchXML queries, execute, convert to code, update system views etc. More information: Build queries with FetchXML.

  • View Layout Replicator - The tool helps you to copy and apply the layout of a particular view to multiple views of the same entity.

  • View Designer - The tool helps you view layouts and modify queries using FetchXML Builder.

  • Early Bound Generator - The tool helps you to generate Early Bound Entities, Option Sets, or Actions. The tools uses the CrmSvcUtil.exe and displays the command lines that are used to create theses classes.

  • Metadata Browser - The tool helps you browse metadata from your Dynamics 365 organization.

  • User Settings Utility - The tool helps you to bulk manage personal settings of your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement users.

  • Plugin Trace Viewer - The tool helps you to investigate the plug-in trace log with easy filtering capabilities.

  • Export to Microsoft Excel - The tool helps you to export records from a view or FetchXML to Microsoft Excel.

  • Attribute Manager - The tool helps you to rename, delete, or change the type of the attribute.

  • Iconator - The tool helps you to manage entities.

  • Easy Translator - The tool helps you to export and import translation of the content with contextual information.

  • Auto Number Manager - Provides a UI to set, update and remove auto number format on new or existing attributes. More information: Create auto-number attributes


The community tools are not a product of Microsoft Dynamics and does not extend support to the community tools. If you have questions pertaining to the tool, please contact the publisher. More Information: XrmToolBox.

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