People detection in Microsoft Stream videos

If people detection is turned on for your network, Microsoft Stream automatically finds people's faces in your videos to enhance the playback experience.

If the owner of the video has enabled the people timeline for a video, a people timeline is displayed for the video. Use this timeline to see when a specific person is visible and click to go to that moment in the video.

View the people timeline

  1. In Stream, click a video.

  2. Select the People tab under the video player.

    This tab is available when people detection is enabled for your network, and the video owner has selected to display the people timeline.

  3. To explore where people appear in the video, click the markers on the timeline. The video player will jump to the part of the video that you select.


Remove or merge incorrect faces from the people timeline

If you are the owner of a video, you can remove or merge faces from the people timeline. This is useful for wrongly detected or duplicate faces.

  1. Under the people timeline, click Edit.

  2. Select a person in the timeline by checking the box next to their picture.

  3. Choose to Hide or Merge people to make the people timeline look the way you want.

  4. When you are finished making edits to the people timeline, select Done.


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