Review usage reports in Microsoft 365

Find out how employees are using Microsoft 365 services such as email or OneDrive, and take action.

In the admin center, you can see all the reports available.

Try it!

  1. Go to Reports, and then Usage. Find details for any report by selecting one. The Active users report shows which services are used most by the people in your business.

  2. As an example, let's go ahead and look at the OneDrive report. Here we can see how many people have an account, you can also view the number of total and active files, as well as storage used. To see all the other reports, go to the drop down menu.

  3. Here we can take a look at the email app usage report and see which methods your employees use the most to access their email. You can also view information specific to an individual, but the details are hidden by default. To show the individual user details, go over to Settings, and then Services & add-ins.

  4. In the report panel, we can turn the anonymous identifier on. Now let's close the panel and come back over to Reports, Usage, and Email activity. Here we can see information specific to an individual.

    Remember, if you ever get stuck, you can always go back up to Help which gives you information about the specific report you are viewing.