Secure Office apps on iOS

You can set up a user access policy that requires mobile users to enter a PIN or fingerprint to sign in, and also encrypts work files stored on their devices.

Try it!

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. Under Policies, choose Add policy.

  3. In the Add policy pane, enter a name under Policy name, and choose the policy type that you want under Policy type.

  4. Turn on Manage how users access Office files on mobile devices, and then make sure the following three settings are turned on:

    • Require a PIN or fingerprint to access Office apps
    • Protect work files when devices are lost or stolen
    • Encrypt work files
  5. Under Files in these apps will be protected, select the Office apps you want to protect on mobile devices.

  6. Under Who will get these settings?, all users are selected by default, but you can choose Change to select any security groups you've created.

  7. To finish creating the policy, choose Add.

  8. On the Add policy page, choose Close.

  9. On the admin center home page, confirm that your new policy was added by choosing Policies and reviewing your policy on the Policies page.